March 27, 2019 2 min read

It’s fair to say that every man loves his denim. From our punk rock denim jackets to our snug skinny jeans, denim has always sat at the pinnacle of casual menswear. Of course, considering how loved and appreciated this fabric is, the fact that so many of us enjoy ripping it to pieces may come as something of a surprise.

However, destroyed jeans have quickly risen in popularity over the past 30 years, emerging from rebellious punk movements and going through various incarnations. Although this style certainly isn’t for everyone, ripped jeans have undoubtedly been refined over the years, becoming more advanced and sophisticated until we’ve been left with the distinctive styles which are so popular today.

Despite the gradual rise of distressed men’s jeans, some of us still remain unsure of exactly what to wear with them. So, we’ve naturally put together a few suggestions to give you a little inspiration…

Varsity Jumpers

Ripped jeans have become so popular for one very big reason: they offer the ultimate laid-back style. Their relaxed and care-free design makes them the perfect choice for super-relaxed dress codes, while the increased ventilation ensures they’re always a great option during the warmer weather. Whereas normal skinny jeans will quickly become incredibly hot and sweaty, those with large knee rips will obviously allow your legs to breathe a little.

Offering a similarly comfortable and easy-going style, varsity jumpers have also become much more popular in recent times. Instantly recognisable by their bold lettering and often outrageous branding, these comfortable sweatshirts are ideal for lazy days on the sofa or chillier weekend afternoons. More importantly, they’re perfect for matching up with your favourite pair of destroyed jeans.

Drop Shoulder T-Shirts

Since ripped jeans are typically worn as part of a laid-back, comfortable summer look, you’re more than likely to pair them up with a fresh t-shirt at some point. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with modern fitted styles, or even just a regular t-shirt fit, the best thing to wear alongside distressed jeans is a drop-shoulder design.

These oversized t-shirts can fully complete your casual appearance, bringing the sort of care-free style which makes distressed jeans so popular in the first place. For SS19, we recommend going for a bolder drop-shoulder design, such as the Bold Stripe Tee pictured above.


You just can’t go wrong with a stylish hoodie. Great for winter, summer and pretty much any casual occasion imaginable, wearing a hoodie alongside your distressed jeans will always provide a look which is brimming with attitude. Our pullover dip-dye hoodies are always a particularly popular option during the spring months, brought to life by our distinctive branding and perfectly matching the sheer boldness of distressed jeans. Whether you’re a fan of dip dye or not, we have a range of vibrant hoodies which offer the perfect complement to your ripped jeans and help you take your streetwear game to the next level.

An essential style for every time of year, browse the wide selection of men’s ripped jeans today from Sinners Attire.