November 28, 2019 2 min read

Fashion thrives in the winter and it’s easy to see why; with the colder temperatures making it so difficult to stay warm, we double up on layers, bring out the thicker outerwear, and start to combine style with practicality. There’s a fine line between fashion and function, and no season’s style depends more upon that line than winter’s does - too far to one side and you’re left feeling frozen, too far to the other and your reputation for style goes out of the window. Here are our topmen’s streetwear looks for the AW19/20 season, including our imperative tips for layering done right!


One trend that’s taken the world by storm this season is utility wear - it’s made the jump from practical gear to high-end fashion and we’re excited by the opportunity to start bringing it into our daily fits. Born out of function, utility-wear encompasses everything from fisherman’s vests to cargo pants; essentially anything that focuses on practicality first and foremost. Go for a more robust look with utility - think chunky boots, knitted jumpers, and lots and lots of pockets.

Performance Gear

This seems to be one of the trends that’s stuck over the past year or two, so it’s a great time to start properly investing in some quality garms now that the style is here to stay. These coats and jackets take their inspiration from the requirements of high-level performance and transform it into something that steals the show in every setting. One thing that you’ll notice in modern performance-wear is that the colours are bold, vibrant, and punchy; this is perfect for adding a more adventurous edge to any outfit!




The resurgence of fleeces is something we absolutely adore - they’re so comfy and are perfect for the winter. Whether you’re throwing them over an outfit or using them as part of a layered ensemble, they add another dimension to any fit, bringing texture, warmth, and a stylish twist if used right. Quarter-zip fleeces have been the go-to choice this winter, giving an effortless vibe over the top of a tee and underneath a larger jacket like a puffer coat. Complete the look with a simple pair ofmen’s jeans, or go for the casual style and throw on a pair of skinny joggers.


Fleeces have come back into the mainstream streetwear game along with loads of other 90’s retro revival pieces, so try pairing those up for a true throwback look!