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January 31, 2019 3 min read

Since we’re all busy suffering with numb fingers and bright red ears, you’ve probably already noticed we’re currently in the darkest depths of the winter season. The scorching heatwave of last summer now seems nothing more than a distant memory, as the skies turn gloomier, the rains icier and the famous British landscape becomes just as dreary as ever.

When you finally manage to stop shivering and get some warmth back into your bones, your mind will eventually turn to bag a new winter jacket to wrap up in. But a lot of guys aren’t just using their new coats to combat the elements this year, as they instead start opting for much bolder designs to add a much-needed splash of colour to the winter gloom.

So, these are the best men’s winter coats for beating the January blues once and for all—every single one of them bursting with colour, character and that notorious Sinners style.  


Man in grey and blue puffer jacket

When the air’s turned icy and your hands feel numb, you can always rely on a good puffer jacket to keep you warm. Incorporating warm thermal lining and a snug waterproof hood, the Pause Reflective Puffer Jacket in blue is perfect for wrapping up against the cold this January.

Sporting the distinctive puffer style and signature Sinners branding, this bright blue design features a contrasting grey yoke to create a truly unique style. Now that we’re starting to see little flurries of snow across the country, there’s never been a better time to add this to your wardrobe!


Man in red Parka jacket

You can’t really go wrong with a black parka jacket. In fact, we’d argue that no winter wardrobe is really complete without one. However, if you’re looking for something a little more on the colourful side, then the Rush Parka Jacket in red could be right up your street.  

Drenched in vibrant shades of red and comes complete with a cosy faux-fur hood, this bold design is guaranteed to add a lively pop of colour to the dreary winter landscape. Warm thermal lining can be found on the inside and the black Sinners logo sits prominently on the chest; while a handful of useful pockets make this one of the most practical jackets you’re likely to find this winter.


Man in yellow funnel jacket

Well, it doesn’t get much more colourful than this. Featuring eye-popping shades of yellow alongside black detailing and yoke, this Hypa Funnel Jacket will certainly help you make a statement this January. The Sinners branding sits on the left breast, adorned in the same vibrant shades of yellow that cover the rest of the jacket, and features again in black on the left arm. 

Plush, comfortable and offering a truly outrageous winter style, the jacket features a traditional funnel-neck design and warm thermal lining, engineered to protect you against the frosty winds and icy rains. Without question, one of the boldest designs you’re likely to find.


Man in off white parka jacket

Nothing says “winter” quite like some frosty shades of white, and this stylish Rush Parka Jacket features them in abundance. Boasting “off-white” colouring and distinctive black logos, this popular parka is dripping in snowy style; made through thick, warm materials and incorporating a cosy fur-lined hood.

Although perhaps not quite as adventurous as some of our other designs, this is still a fantastic option for anyone craving a dash of colour this winter. If all of these jackets are a little too colourful for your taste, however, then don’t forget to check out our full range of men’s coats!