January 23, 2019 3 min read

It’s that time of year again, folks. Although many of you might be hoping to cut down on the chocolate or save up some extra pennies in 2019, the start of a new year is always the perfect time to update your wardrobe. After all, nothing beats the January blues quite like a good shopping spree.

But it’s not just about making yourself feel better, because a new year is always guaranteed to introduce us to a batch of brand-new fashion trends. Jumpers, hoodies, shirts and tracksuits will soon be swathed in fresh patterns and colourways, and you’ll need to bag some of the latest designs to make sure you’re always looking trim.

So, instead of worrying about (and inevitably failing) “Dry January”, you need to focus on upping your style game with our top New Year’s fashion resolutions for 2019.  

  1. Have a Wardrobe Clear Out

Let’s face it, everyone is guilty of hoarding clothes. Our wardrobes and drawers are often packed with shirts, jeans and hoodies we never wear anymore, while we’ve all been known to come across an item we’d completely forgotten we even owned. If you’ve recently found yourself in this position, you need to kick-off 2019 with a major wardrobe clear out.

Set aside a rainy afternoon, pull out everything you own and host your own private fashion show; making sure everything still fits and looks good on you. Once you’ve cleared out the clothes that don’t feel quite right, you’ll have a much better grasp on your wardrobe inventory and know exactly what you need to buy. Of course, you’ll also have more room to store any new purchases!

  1. Invest in a Reliable Coat

Every man needs a stylish, reliable jacket—especially in the cold depths of January. In fact, we’d go as far as to say this is undoubtedly the most important purchase for your new wardrobe, since a long-lasting men’s coat should be considered more of an investment than a purchase.

Sturdy parka’s and snug puffer jackets are particularly popular during the winter months, each offering warm thermal lining and plenty of handy zip-up pockets. Helping you wrap up against the frosty winds and looking stylish in more casual settings, a black parka jacket is always a fantastic option for anyone needing a dependable coat to combat the colder weather.

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, then brightly coloured jackets have been all the rage so far this winter, adding a splash of colour to the dreary winter landscape. Check out our red parka jacket or yellow funnel jacket if you want to try something a little different in 2019.  

  1. Try Something Bold

When it comes to fashion, we’ve all got our comfort zones. You might tend to dress in dark colours or favour traditional, straight-leg jeans, others might prefer smart shirts and skinny jeans. Whatever your style, we recommend mixing things up a bit this year and breathing some fresh life into your wardrobe.

Although you might feel comfortable wearing the same pair of jeans every day, there’s no arguing that bold patterns and vibrant colours bring a certain sense of character to your look. Modern men’s hoodies are drenched in bright colours and audacious branding; smart joggers use stylish check and pinstripe patterns; t-shirts are oozing retro style and courageous colour combinations.

No matter what you decide to add to your wardrobe, it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

  1. Up Your Gym Style Game

We just can’t talk about New Year’s resolutions without mentioning the gym, can we? However, while most people are undoubtedly resolving to renew their membership or stick to their workout schedule, we’re here to make sure you’re hitting the treadmill with a bit of style.

The days of baggy shorts and tshirts are well and truly behind us, with modern gym-goers now opting for stylish retro tracksuits and tapered joggers; while innovative compression clothing is designed to enhance performance. If you want to truly improve your style game, you need to embrace this retro trend with open arms.

The most popular designs feature bold, almost outrageous, patterns displayed in bright colour combinations, while these red track joggers feature the Sinners branding in true retro style. This brand-new blue and white dip dye hoodie is also a great option for any gym-goers, and you can even pair it up with matching joggers to achieve the ultimate full-tracksuit look.