September 26, 2018 2 min read

It’s essential that every guy has at least one pair of decent jeans to fall back on; after all, they go with everything and can help you to create a casual or smart look, depending on the occasion. For decades, we have worn various styles of jeans as new trends come and go, but there’s one style that always remains; the style that fits you perfectly.

So, whether your go-to style is our skinny black ripped jeans, or you prefer something different, it’s important to understand the different fits out there so that you can find the right style for you.

Skinny jeans

The most modern style of jeans is the skinny jean. The tighter they are, the more modern the silhouette becomes. Skinny jeans fit very close all over, from the waist and bum right down to the ankles.

This style can be made to look incredibly smart; simply pair your skinny jeans with a pair of smart shoes and a shirt for a night on the town. Similarly, throw them on with a hoodie and trainers for a casual look on the weekends.

The versatility of skinny jeans makes them a hugely popular style. Plus, you need not worry about skinny jeans being “too” skinny; ours are made using a comfortable and soft stretch material.

Mens skinny fit jeans in denim 

Straight jeans

Straight jeans are a classic; the original style that seems to last through the ages. Like most men’s jeans, they sit at the waist for a comfortable feel. Straight jeans are often fitted through the seat of the jeans and the thighs, before straightening out down the leg towards the ankle opening.

Straight jeans are a popular choice because they often fit very well no matter what shape or size you are. Look for blue for daytime, and keep a black pair handy for the evening.

Regular jeans

If you see jeans described as regular, you can rest assured they will be comfortable and not too loose, or too tight. Sitting at the waist, they are straight from the top to bottom, giving off a complimentary silhouette. They are a great everyday style that you can’t go wrong with.

Regular jeans are popular in standard blue, and can be worn with pretty much anything in your wardrobe! Style with a fitted t-shirt for a smart look, like our new Tape Panel Tee.


Athletic jeans

Athletic jeans are the opposite of skinny jeans; not exactly baggy, but they definitely offer a roomier fit. Athletic jeans are the ultimate casual style, sitting just below the waist. They are usually created with a fitted feel around the seat of the jeans, before offering more room through the hips and thighs. The fit then has a slightly tapered look at the ankle.

Whatever jeans you choose; the most important thing is buying the right size. After all, there’s nothing worse than baggy or too-tight denim!