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June 27, 2019 4 min read

ITV’s Love Island has gripped the nation yet again, with the ongoing search for a new prime minister becoming nothing more than an afterthought. Although you might not admit it to your mates, we all know you’re cancelling plans so you can curl up in front of the telly every night – and we can’t really blame you.

This series is packed with raging arguments, juicy gossip and unpredictable drama, leaving us all absolutely hooked and desperate for the next episode. More pertinently, this year the island residents have never looked better, with fresh summer styles taking centre stage and reminding us it’s high time we updated our own wardrobes.

While you might be watching to find out who Tommy will eventually end up with (though it seems this love triangle will go on forever), Love Island is also a fantastic source of fashion inspiration. From extravagant resort shirts to stylish ripped denim shorts, Sinners Attire’s SS19 collection will have you looking like an absolute “bev” in no time at all.

Resort Shirts

Audacious and flamboyant resort shirts have always played a key role in men’s Love Island style. Often worn unbuttoned and exposing a chiselled chest underneath, these summery designs typically flaunt dazzling patterns, striking colour combinations and create a statement look which is ideal for hot summer holidays.

The sheer individuality and range of available designs is what makes the resort shirt such a popular choice, both for contestants on Love Island and normal guys jetting off in search of the sun. From geometric patterns and animal themes to modern pinstripe designs, resort shirts are always packed with character and confidence – much like the contestants themselves.

Our Aztec Jungle resort shirt takes things to the next level, with an outrageous combination of animal prints and geometric patterns creating a shirt unlike any other. Alternatively, our Baroque and Yellow Zebra designs are every bit as colourful and unique, ensuring that (while you might not have millions of viewers watching you) you’ll soon be turning heads by the pool.

Denim Shorts

For those wanting to achieve a slightly smarter holiday style, denim shorts should be considered an absolutely essential addition to your summer suitcase. Ideal for either exploring new places or relaxing on the beach, these shorts provide the comfort of regular shorts alongside the quality and durability of denim.

While those seen on Love Island would typically fall into the “microshort” category, our selection of denim shorts helps you achieve a more modest, yet similar, style. Every item in our collection involves a modern spray-on fit, mirroring the unbelievably tight skinny jeans often worn by guys during the Love Island eviction votes.

The dark blue spray-on shorts offer a more traditional denim style, while our white and black designs are the perfect choice for those who really want to stand out. Either way, denim shorts are a great option for your next trip abroad.

Swim Shorts

Let’s face it, Love Island style is all about the contestant’s swimwear game. For guys, stylish swim shorts need to be bold and brash, exuding unmistakable summery vibes and instantly drawing the eye. Whether it’s through the vibrant use of colour or a striking summer graphic, your swimwear should be audacious and attention-grabbing.

For those wanting to achieve this Love Island-themed style, our Tiger Sunrise shorts tick all the right boxes. Emblazoned with a tiger and palm tree print, this design features a splash of colour and creates a truly striking summer look. The Multi-Stripe swim shorts are even more colourful, with bright shades of red, blue and yellow included to help you turn a few heads.

Love Island style is all about exuding confidence and individuality, and our swim shorts offer both of these things in abundance. Whether you want to go for an animal themed design, like our Abstract Leopard shorts, or one of our colourful striped designs, you can always develop your own statement look with Sinners Attire.


From the moment Joe set foot on the island, we knew stylish co-ords were going to be all the rage this summer. Although there’s certainly nothing wrong with picking out a stylish resort shirt by itself, the real trick to achieving Love Island style is by finding shorts to match; making it seem as though you’re wearing a stylized twin-piece, rather than two separate items which go well together.

These seamless co-ords typically include extravagant and daring patterns, with many combining this with vibrant colours to make a real statement. Effective co-ords help you embrace your individual style and stand out from the crowd, with our Tiger Print shirt and short combination serving up a particularly eye-catching appearance.

While they can obviously be bought separately, it’s worth noting that many of our new resort shirts have a matching pair of shorts to go with them. From a complete Abstract Leopard look to a full Gold Baroque style, the new Sinners collection is ideal for those wanting to embrace Love Islandfashion this season – regardless of whether you watch the show or not.